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Oasis of Monte Arcosu - South Sardinia

 The oasis is about 20 kilometres from Cagliari. Following the State Road SS 195 towards Pula and turn after 12 kilometres towards Macchiareddu-Casic. Take the second turning to the left and near the church of Santa Lucia follow the WWF signs for the oasis.

 Monte Arcosu is a protected area with a magnificent Mediterranean Forest made of holm oaks, cork oaks and plants typical of the so-called Macchia Mediterranea: crepe myrtle, cistus, strawberry trees and juniper.

They are many steep valleys, hills and some mountains reaching up to 1000 metres above the sea level. The very rare Sardinian deer live in this natural reserve (about 900 specimens). It is also the home of ravens, peregrine hawks, golden eagles and gryphons.

There is a Visitor Centre in this oasis, 2 ‘nature’ walks, trekking routes (intermediate or long), observation huts, areas for fallow deer and Sardinian deer and a house for up to 24 people.

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 Sette Fratelli Natural Park

This park includes the area of the Sette Fratelli. The park’s name comes from the names of the seven granite peaks of the area. It is a wild place with forests of holm oaks, cork oaks and Mediterranean vegetation.

The Sette Fratelli are paradise for mountain bikers and for trekking lovers, there are many walks leading into the forest. It is not unusual to see the Sardinian deer in this natural park and other local animals. Sardinian deer are a protected species and endangered mainly by poaching.

The state road SS125 Orientale Sarda crosses the park connecting Muravera to Quartu Sant’Elena, passing right through the valley of the Rio Cannas between wild forests and gorges.

Su Marmuri Caves - Ulussai
The caves are in the Ulussai area. You can reach the town by following the signs for Jerzu and you will find the cave in a massive calcareous cliff above the town.
The cave is 850 metres in length easy to walk in. There are underground pools, stalactites, massive stalagmites and other spectacular calcareous formations. The cave is open to the public from Easter to October.
Sette Fratelli Natural Park

 Sette Fratelli Natural Park

Rio Canas

 Sette Fratelli Natural Park

Giara di Gesturi

"pauli" small natural lake at Giara di Gesturi, springtime

Giara di Gesturi, "cuili"

 Is Zuddas caves

Aragonite at Is Zuddas caves

Small horses at Giara di Gesturi

Giara di Gesturi

Small lakes of Giara, Pauli

Pink flamimgos at Molentargius pool

 The Giara of Gesturi

The Giara di Gesturi is a plateau stretching for about 42 square kilometres with an average height of 550 metres above sea level. The beauty of this environment is linked to the high number and variety of plants.

 The forests are mainly of holm oak and durmast and the rich undergrowth has plants typical of the so-called ‘macchia Mediterranea’, typical of this area. There are many small lakes (with stagnant water for the most part) called Pauli by the locals. The wild horses of the Giara, perfectly adapted to their environment, drink here.

Spring is the best time of year to visit the Giara, because the waters of the lakes are covered by thousands of little white flowers called water buttercups, asphodels, star lilies, water irises and 17 species of orchids blossom on the plateau.

The pools of Cagliari Province
Molentargius Lagoon
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 Is Zuddas Caves - M.te Meana
The caves of  Is Zuddas are situated on Monte Meana at 256 mt, 6 km far from Santadi.
In the halls can be observed stalactite-stalagmites columns, especially in the Organ Room and also formations of the very rare needle-shapes aragonite.

The lagoon is in a 1,400 hectare area on the outskirts of Cagliari, along the Poetto beach. The name derives from “molentis”, the old word for the donkeys used to collect salt. In 1977 the Molentargius lagoon was declared an internationally important wetland and in 1989 it became a natural park.

There are two main areas: Bella Rosa Maggiore and Bella Rosa Minore . The former is an old salt evaporation pond and has salt water, whereas in latter water comes from rivers and rain. Such different biotypes have different types of flora and fauna. Purple swamp hens, magnificent pink flamingos, black-winged stilts, common moorhens are among the birds living here.


Santa Gilla Pool


The Santa Gilla pool is near Cagliari, along the 195 State Road (SS195) heading for Pula and very close to an oil refinery. Despite this, there is an amazing variety of birds and particularly high numbers of pink flamingos

Colostrai Pool - Costa Rei

The Colostri pool is a wide lagoon at the mouth of the Picocca torrent, near the village of Sant’Andrea. It is one of the most spectacular lagoon areas of Sardinia. The steep Monte Ferru and Monte Liuru (part of the Capo Ferrato mountain range) are reflected in the waters of the lagoon. Road for Villasimius heading for Costa Rei. 

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