Stray Cats and Dogs

in Sardinia

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 Torre delle Stelle is a paradise for dogs and cats.  Besides the summer months, the dirt roads are deserted because there is only a few of us living in this secluded place.  And so, cats take possession of it. 

All those living here take care of them, some only show up for their meals, others, especially the younger ones, stay on.

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Created by Lucia
The dog Frida

We have eight cats, three came with us from Brianza, we found the other five, which were young and all alone.  They are well-mannered and very beautiful, they are not allowed to enter the b&b, but you can often see them in the garden. 

There is also Frida  a stray dog whom we found outside a restaurant 4 years ago.  Lastly, there is Maggie, a hairy guinea pig, who actually belongs to our very good friends Rosy and Joz but she leaves with us for allergies problems.

     Click on the photos, our pets will tell you their stories.

The cat Mork
The cat Micky
The cat Dylan
The cat Pallina, female
The cat Grace
The cat Marylin
The cat Sa Ruxi, male
The cat Azul, female
Guinea pig Maggie