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Sa Ruxi
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Logo del bed&breakfast alchimissa
Sa Ruxi at Alchimissa b&b

I am  Sa Ruxi and this is my story. By chance I was wandering by the Alchimissa B&B, when some unknown power pushed me towards its entrance. Rumours suggested life was good there and I wanted to check, so I thought something up. As soon as I saw Lucia walk past in the garden, I cried out as loudly as I could so she would feel sorry for me, thinking  I was hungry and she would let me in.

Sa Ruxi 1 year old
Actually, I had already decided I would live there, among the sweet-smelling flowers and the other cats. I am no loner!  I was so happy when she opened the gate and picked me up!
Deep inside I was determined that she would never get rid of me. I do pander a bit and I have devised a number of strategies to conquer human beings.
Sa Ruxi
They think they are so clever but we cats are far cleverer than they are. We lie shamelessly and they don’t even realise. Machiavelli's words - the end justifies the means -  guide us. We do not mean to harm anybody, of course, but we must survive somehow! I was called Sa Ruxi after an attractive bay near here.


Created by Lucia
The cat Sa Ruxi
Sa Ruxi is eating
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The name means “Red One” in some unknown language – maybe it is an ancient name.  Lucia and Vale thought I was a girl, until the vet told them the opposite and operated me! By the way, Sa Ruxi is pronounced Sa Ruji, with a Brazilian “j”.