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Logo del bed&breakfast alchimissa
Pallina 1 month old
I am Pallina and I am four years old. I have been living in the Alchimissa B&B since the renovation work began (I was a month old, with enormous ears, when the builders brought me here).
Pallina in Iris garden
I like being alone, in the garden of the Iris room, under the Lantana plant. I am a quiet, very sweet cat. 

I don’t really like being with other cats, I prefer Frida’s company (Frida was like a mother to me and allows me to sleep in the basket with her).

Pallina 1 year old

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Created by Lucia
I like walking and when Lucia and Vale take the dogs for a walk, Sa Ruxi and I go with them. We raise our fur and fluff out our tails – we are out of our territory and it’s better to be safe than sorry! Best avoid ugly stray cats – there are a couple of them round here!
I have always sucked my tail, ever since I was a kitten. I can’t give up the habit – I find it relaxing. I try to get into the house whenever I can, so watch out when I’m around! 
Pallina among the flowers
Pallina smelling rosemary flowers
Pallina in alchimissa garden
Keep me out of your room or I’ll be sleeping on your bed (I love soft beds)! Allow me to look at you from the wall, or be near you in the garden - I am polite and discreet, so I won’t be a nuisance.