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Micky singt

 I am Micky and I am 15 years old and I live in Sardinia, at Torre delle Stelle. To tell you the truth, I should be the Stray Cats leader.  I live with Lucia and Vale since I was one month old and Mork has only been with us for the past 7 years. 

But I am just like that, still a bit of a flower child, all peace & love, I do not like struggling to conquer a commanding position.  I love meditating, I look at a flower, a sunset, the sea and I lose myself, I fall into a trance and nothing disturbs me any longer.

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Created by Lucia

My war cry is “mah…mah…” (miaow is too long for me).  It is a cry with which I look for cuddles stretching out my little paw in order to receive a caress.  When guests are around, I have lots of fun, in the mornings I wait for them in the garden looking forward to when someone will be touching me, giving me strong emotions. 

Well, I am their favourite, everybody looks for me and when they go away, they are sad to leave me.  Some would send me an e-mail with their regards and I keep in my heart all the moments we have spent together. 

I get on with everybody, anyone is allowed to sleep next to me.  My home is open to all, hungry kittens or in need of cures, those who are curious, crooked, for me they are all brothers and sisters!