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The cat Grace
I am Grace, I live in Sardinia, in Torre delle Stelle and my story begins four years ago, on a pleasant summer’s day. My sister and I – both a month old - were playing together, when suddenly someone picked us up and abandoned us near a beach. We didn’t immediately understand what was happening because we were so busy running and fighting... until a spectacular sunset!
Our Grace
Then night fell and we were afraid. We snuggled up together and meowed… we were hungry! Was there nobody to help us?

 We were exhausted by the time two German ladies found us. they looked after us until they had to go and regretted having to leave us in a vet’s surgery.   
Grace in the garden
We looked through the bars of our cage at the people who came and went, hoping we would be lucky. My sister found a new owner immediately because she was very beautiful. But after a month I had not found anybody who wanted me. Being such an ordinary looking cat I probably didn’t attract anybody’s attention.
Human beings! Always thinking of appearances. - Don’t look at my fur coat, my beauty is inside – I thought. A lady in particular attracted my attention.

She came in every day to visit her cat Ziggy, who had leukaemia. She seemed interested in me because she spoke to me. Ten days later Ziggy died and Lucia took me
to b&b Alchimissa in Torre delle Stelle, perhaps because she was so upset.

I am queen of the cats here and if somebody bothers me I fight and chase them off – tomcats included! With the exception of Mork, the Great Chief. My instincts are very strong and I love hunting. I share my catch with Vale and Lucia who don’t really appreciate what I bring in. 

If somebody strokes me I meow because I want them to look at me and establish proper contact – I want them to know me. Are not the eyes the mirror of the soul? Even if I can be aggressive and a fighter I am very sweet and affectionate. I know how to make people love me!

by Lucia - Sardinia


Grace when she was 1 year old
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