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Matthew, Thomas and Dylan
I am Dylan and I am 10 years old.  I live in Sardinia, at b&b Alchimissa. My name recalls the one of a poet or better part of it, Thomas was one of my brothers’ name.  Just like the poet, I am an out-and-out pacifist, and just like him I look lost, that makes people feel like protecting me.  My life’s philosophy is based upon three simple words:  food, sleep and cuddles.
Dylan and Frufri
Food forever, I am not cut out for living in poverty.  I always repeat to myself that being fat is beautiful and then, since I have been living in Sardinia, I have also lost two kilos! 
The thoughts of not having food or when thy abandoned me together with my brothers, frightens me
I love sleeping, or rather dozing and looking at what happens around me with my eyes half closed. 
In my basket, I try thousands of positions for fully enjoying the “deserved”  rest.  I am very lazy, but I give out my best when it is time for cuddles. 
People’s warmth takes me back to when I was a kitten! 
I love staying at home, sleeping on a chair or chest, and if they do not allow me to get in, then  I do the best I can, I have learned to open the door.
Sleeping Dylan

by Lucia




This is a page of b&b Alchimissa web-site. If you're visiting Sardinia and you're looking for an accomodation on the southern coast, between Cagliari and Villasimius,  our two ensuite double rooms in Torre delle Stelle could be the perfect place for you.
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