Lucia at Porto Giunco with Frida

I am a nature-path and great supporter of a lifestyle as close as possible to human nature, where quality triumphs over quantity and where human conscience can evolve to higher levels.



 I am also a great reader, especially of books on the human soul but also on philosophy, religion and ancient cultures.


With us you will find a little corner of harmony and peace because harmony and peace are the foundation of our life project.

Lucia in the garden
My greatest passion is gardening, I love taking care of my plants, flowers and love the feeling of peace and love stemming from it. To give shape and colour to our garden, neglected for the last 20 years, was for me a great project that is still ongoing. The idea underlying all is to create different corners, one for each sense: a view of the blue sea to rest tired eyes, the scent of lavender and herbs, the singing of birds attracted by flowers and berries... A little Eden.

B&B Alchimissa
Logo Alchimissa b&b
Logo Alchimissa b&b

I am Lucia and with my husband I run the Alchimissa B&B, in Sardinia. I also come from Piedmont, I was born in Stresa near Lake Maggiore, but spent most of my life in the area of Brianza, near Milan.

 Even as a child I always wanted to travel and discover the world. For this reason I studied languages and other cultures. Brianza was always too small for me, especially when the natural environment vanished to make way to new buildings and when, finally, the last fields and woods were replaced by roads and industrial warehouses.

 As time passed, the call of the wild became too strong for us so we decided to move to this magical island and start a new life.
















I love animals, especially cats. You will always find cats in our garden, sometimes lying on the walls enjoying the sun and sometimes spying on the world hiding under some bush. They are always wonderful.
Arturo, a little cat I found alone on a road

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